The starting price represent the minimum offer you can place on a domain. The seller has set this minimum price to avoid getting offers below a specific price point. As a buyer, you can't place an offer below the starting price of a seller.

All of our payments are processed safely​ and securely by our payment provider Adyen. Read more about our payment provider Adyen by clicking on the category Trust and safety.

Whenever VAT is legally applicable you'll see that either on the for sale page you've landed on or at checkout.

VAT is mostly applicable for EU buyers and sellers. Whenever VAT is not applicable we won't charge VAT on behalf of the seller.

Once you've completed the payment we proceed and take control over the domain and send you the transfer instructions.

Please keep in mind that every domain extension and registrar can have different processes.

Our escrow agents will help you navigate this field and provide support until you've gained full control and ownership over a domain.

Transferring a domain is very easy. However, each registrar/ hosting provider has a different process. That's why we've created a blog post with clear instructions on how to transfer a domain with the so-called​ authorization code:

Read the article: How do I transfer my domain?

We support the following payment options: Bank wire, SEPA, Visa, MasterCard, iDeal, MisterCash, Sofort, Paypal, AliPay, WeChatPay and Bitcoins.

That depends on the listing you've landed on. If you observe a so-called Buy-Now price this means that the seller works with fixed prices.

If you don't see a price then the seller hasn't set a price yet. In order to find out what his/her price is, simply place an offer to get a direct response back from the seller.

No, at DAN.COM we care about transparency and never add any additional fees or costs.

No, using our platform to buy a domain name is free of charge. The price you agree on is the price you have to pay.

Our payment provider Adyen is one of the leading payment processors in the world powering payments for some of the biggest companies like Facebook, KLM, Spotify and Uber.

They have a banking license in place required to facilitate 100% safe and secure transactions.

We also have enabled the highest level of fraud detection systems to avoid any issues on our marketplace.

In order to protect our sellers,​ we've enabled very strict fraud detection systems. Sometimes a payment can be accidentally triggered by our fraud detection system.

When your payment gets refused please reach out to our team to find a solution and or to get delisted from our blocked list.

The invoice with the VAT will automatically be sent to you the moment we've secured your payment. Didn’t receive any invoice or want to receive an invoice before you pay? Contact us at

Simply head to the registrar where you're managing the domain and delete our Nameservers from the DNS settings to replace our for sale page with your own site.

Buyers never pay any fees at DAN.COM. So there's no incentive for you to go around us and skip using an Escrow service that guarantees that you'll get what you paid for.

DAN.COM also provides buyers support before & after a transaction is initiated, ensuring you'll have full support even post-sale.

Only when you place an offer on a domain the option to communicate directly with the seller will be enabled.

Just keep in mind that all offers at DAN.COM are legally binding (if accepted by the seller. Mutual consent is​ required to set up an agreement).

When you buy a domain at DAN.COM you become the new rightful owner of the domain.

In most cases, you can manage the domain at any registrar of your choice. Sometimes when a domain has a lock or restriction we'll deliver the domain to you at the current managing registrar.

Yes, all confirmed offers at DAN.COM are legally binding.

Yes, we actually prefer doing a push as that's the faster way for buyers to take control of​ a newly acquired domain.

DAN.COM offers the most frictionless and advanced escrow service by utilizing high-tech.

Domain (ownership) transfers are completed often instantly or within hours on business days.

Do note that all extensions have different transfer processes and protocols in place.

For example, .com's and transfers can take a bit longer to complete due to additional (non-mandatory) lock-ins created by legacy registrars.

The exact process is different per domain due to multiple variables. Simply follow the steps we send you via email. Most transactions are concluded in hours after we've secured the payment.

Every offer is valid for a duration of 7 days.

All transactions have to be completed in 24 hours. If you're a corporate buyer that requires more time to complete a purchase simply notify our team so we can inform the seller.

Transferring a domain name is easier than it looks.

We have written a short article about this step to guide you through the entire process. Click on the link below to read more:

Read more: How do I transfer my domain?

Still, need support? Simply reach out to our team at

You can choose to buy a domain name in installments if this option has been made available by the seller.

After securing the first payment we transfer the domain to our Escrow account and give you access to the DNS settings of the domain. The domain will be held by DAN.COM in Escrow until the full purchase price is paid. Once we've secured the complete purchase price we'll assist the buyer with gaining full control and ownership over the domain.

  1. If the seller is a consumer we always charge 0% VAT.
  2. If the seller is a company within EU and sells to another company or consumer within their own country we charge the local VAT
  3. If the seller is a company within EU and sells to another company within EU but outside the sellers country we charge 0% VAT
  4. If the seller is a company within EU and sells to a consumer within the EU but outside the sellers country we charge the VAT rate of the country of the consumer
  5. If the seller is a company within EU and sell to a consumer or business outside EU we charge 0%

You'll receive a payout notice with the full name & address of the seller including their VAT number when they're buying on behalf of a business.